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        Water soluble plant extracts


        Product introduction

        Instant Ginseng extract Powder, uses Ginseng root which is conforming to the standard of pharmacopoeia, after water extracting, filtrating, concentrating, spray drying, packing etc., to get the instant plant extract concentration powder. It has the function of anti--tumor, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, Increase memory ability etc.

        Product specifications

        Appearance:White Powder


        Total Plate Count:≤1000cfu/g

        Product features

        1. 100% from natural source

        2. Good solubility, the solution is clear, the color of solution is bright

        3. High concentration, equals to 5 to 10 times’ concentrating

        4. Rich in many kinds of natural ingredients, balance to nature

        5. Maximally keep the aroma and taste of the plant

        Product applications

        1. Plant solid drinks

        Provide functionality and the natural aroma and taste of plant

        2. Functional drinks

        Suitable for 10ml, 50ml, etc. grey bottle’s package. It could have few precipitate, which is normal. Shake before drinking.

        3. Tablet

        Could be used together with sweetener, natural pigment, flavoring agent etc. to products throat lozenge, food for fresh breath

        4. Capsule

        Could be used as nonessential component in health care capsules


        Package and storage

        25kg/fiber drum, sealed stored in cool, ventilate, dry place


        Expiration date

        18 months

        We’re manufacturer in China supply natural Dendrobium extract/Dendrobium polysaccharide / Dendrobium Officinale extract, Herba dendrobii extract, Herba dendrobii, Herba dendrobii powder, Dendrobium powder, Herba dendrobii 10:1, Dendrobium ratio extract with own skilled production line and different specifications for options.


        More products and details, please contact us. We provide customized service for customer!

        For need buying ratio products or other sources, our factory may try help tailor solution for your need. 

        Welcome visit our factory in Jiangxi, China.

        Normal production line and dust free workshop for ref.:

        Be free to contact us for more details and quote.

        Tel.:0086-21-3462 5090


        Instant ginseng extract powder

        > Water soluble plant extracts

        Functional Activity:

        Product name:Instant ginseng extract powder

        Specification:natural powder

        Raw material:Ginseng stem, leaf

        Appearance:light yellow powder

        Item No.:RSSR-101P

        Feature:great solubility

        Applicaton:food, beverage, healthy uses

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