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        Formulated cosmetic material


        Pioneer Herb group built new factory and workshop in Shanghai for OEM/ODM, contract manufacturing for hand sanitizer, disinfection, cosmetics, skincare, personal care, and make up products.

        Manufacture main cream, lotion, essence, toner, facial cleanser, freeze dry mask, normal mask etc. customizing available for different application, direction like moisturizing, whitening, anti-acne, anti-aging, anti-allergic, skin reparation, sunscreen, sun protection, etc.

        We offer factory price, Small MOQ, Stable supply, Tailor make by supply chain with own raw material/plantation, active ingredients extraction, strong R&D with own lab for customizing formulation, for your private label.

        OEM/ODM contract manufacturing new factory’s website is in construction and coming soon!

        Be free to contact info@pioneerherb.com for if any interested, thank you.

        OEM/ODM/Contract manufacturing/Private label production

        75% alcohol hand sanitizer, antibacterial Hand cleaner

        Other names: Hand sanitizer, alcohol hand sterilizer, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, Antibacterial hand sanitizer,instant hand sanitizer, natural hand sanitizer,Hand cleaner, Hand wash, Hand wash gel, Antibiotic and Disinfectant Hand Cleaner,anti-bacterium hand cleanser, antibacterial hand gel, antibacterial hand wash gel, antibacterial hand wash,antibacterial hand lotion,antibacterial hand solution,

        antibacterial gel, antibacterial lotion,antibacterial liquid,antibacterial solution,antibacterial formulation,

        Antibacterial Hand-washing Solutions,Antibacterial Liquid soap, bacteria-eliminating hand-washing solution,

        Formulation Options:

        contains 75% alcohol, kills the germs and evaporates on contact;

        Other antibacterial/disinfection formulation available;

        Customizing available;

        Application: personal, home use, public, medical care mainly. Antibacterial, disinfection, anti-coronavirus

        Properties: Spray, Gel, Lotion, normally.

        Package: 30-500ml, customizing available.

        How to use: Spray or squirt to use directly without washing.

        Shelf life: 2 years normally.


        Alcohol inflammable, keep away from all fire sources.

        Caution for alcohol allergic, and label listed material allergic ones.

        Keep sealed and avoid direct sunlight, to prevent volatilization for alcohol ones.

        For external use only.

        Keep it out of children’s reach.

        If swallow, please drink water or milk right away, and ask doctor’s help while necessary. 

        if touch the eyes, please rinse with water right away.

        Be free to contact us for more details and quote.

        Tel.:0086-21-3462 5090


        75% alcohol hand sanitizer, antibacterial Hand cleaner

        > Formulated cosmetic material

        Functional Activity:Antibacterial, disinfection, anti-coronavirus

        Product name:75% alcohol hand sanitizer, antibacterial Hand cleaner

        Specification:OEM/ODM/Contract manufacturing/Private Label/Customizing available

        Raw material:75% Alcohol, anti-bacterial ingredients

        Appearance:Liquid, Gel, Solution

        Item No.:OEM/ODM/Contract manufacturing/Private label

        Feature:Alcohol based, anti-bacterial, disinfection, kill germs

        Applicaton:personal, home use, public, medical care mainly.

        INCI Name:Customizing available

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